Library - DoD and Military Base Sales Leads and Prospects

 Library - DoD and Military Base Sales Leads and Prospects


How to Identify Sales Leads at DoD Organizations and Military Bases

The tutorial below shows you how to quickly identify which Department of Defense (DoD) organizations and military bases (specific units) routinely procure the category of products, materials, and services that your company provides. Using this tutorial, you can quickly generate sales leads for your company. This information will save your company valuable time and resources identifying your best prospects for doing business with DoD and military bases across the United States. 


Use FedBizOpps Search Engine to Identify Sales Leads and Business Prospects

Go to the FedBizOpps website:

FedBizOpps Home Page DoD Department of Defense

1.  Select the "Advanced Search Form" option 


FedBizOpps Advanced Search Form

2.  Select the State where you want to search.  (Do not use if you want to search all bases nationwide.)  

3.  Select "Both" for Documents to Search  (This gives you a historical look for which bases and units are purchasing your company's category of products / services.) 

NOTE:  Stay on this Advanced Search Form and scroll down  


FedBizOpps Tutorial Select DoD Agency

4. Scroll down to “Agency/Office/Location(s)”.
Select “Specific Agency/Office/Locations”

5. Now type in the DoD or military agency.
          • Air Force
          • Army
          • Navy
          • Defense
          • Logistics

NOTE: When you type in the DoD or military agency, the search engine will provide you with a dropdown list of subordinate agencies / units within that category. You can then select all those that you want included in your search. However, if you don’t select any of those agencies / units on the dropdown list, then your search will automatically include all the agencies and units on the dropdown list.


FedBizOpps Tutorial Select NAICS Code

6. Select the appropriate NAICS Code for the specific product(s) or service(s) that your company provides. (You can select more than one NAICS Code if appropriate.)

NOTE:  View master list of all North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes

NOTE:  Stay on this form and scroll down to bottom. 

  FedBizOpps Tutorial Search Function

7. Click "Search" to obtain list of military bases, specific units, and DoD organizations who have procured products, materials, and services in the same NAICS Code category as your company. 

 FedBizOpps Tutorial Search Results

8.  Search Results  This web page will provide a comprehensive list of DoD agencies and/or military bases that have procured products, materials, or services in the same NAICS Code as your company. Depending on the nature of your company's products, materials, or services, your search results may be extensive.  

NOTE:  Click on specific opportunities listed for more detailed information.    

FedBizOpps Tutorial Search Results Explained  

9.  Military / DoD Organization and Location.  This is the name and location of the military unit and/or defense organization who is a sales lead or business prospect for your company.  This may be a current prospect or a future prospect.  

10.  Address and Point of Contact (contracting office) where a military unit or DoD organization has used products, materials, or services that match your company's NAICS Code.    

FedBizOpps Interested Vendors List  
11. Interested Vendors List  When viewing a specific solicitation on FedBizOpps, (especially a “Sources Sought Notice”) you can indicate your company’s interest in participating.  Towards the top of the solicitation, you’ll see a link labeled, “Add Me to Interested Vendors”. To be added to the Interested Vendor List, you’ll have to login with your User Name and Password.  The purpose of the “Interested Vendors List” is to help that Government agency collect a list of vendors interested in competing for the opportunity listed or for finding prospective small business subcontractors. 

 FedBizOpps Sources Sought Notice 

12. Sources Sought Notices  The FebBizOpps Sources Sought notices are posted by a specific Government agency. These notices identify the types of vendors and suppliers they are looking for to meet a Government agency’s need.  Although a Sources Sought Notice is not a solicitation for work, it does indicate that a specific Government agency is conducting a survey of available sources in order to collect data. This data is normally used to develop an upcoming Government solicitation (RFP).

Follow the directions provided into the Synopsis to respond to the Sources Sought notice. Submitting your company’s requested information enables the Government to develop a more realistic contract solicitation / RFP. This also puts your company in a better position to successfully bid on that solicitation and/or submit a winning proposal for that RFP.  

FedBizOpps Search Agent  

13. Setting Up a Search Agent on FedBizOpps  The FedBizOpps system allows vendors to create and save a “Search Agent” that will automatically perform periodic advanced searches using the criteria you select. To create a new “Search Agent” (or to update or change an existing Search Agent you already created):

  • Log on to your FedBizOpps account 
  • Click on the tab labeled, “Opportunities” 
  • Click on the tab labeled, “Search Agent”