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Civil Service Jobs and Employment Opportunities at  Naval Station Newport (NS Newport) Rhode Island. There are many reoccurring employment opportunities with the federal civil service at NS Newport. A few of the defense agencies now hiring (or expected to have new openings in the near future) at NS Newport include:

  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport (NUWCDIVNPT) 
  • Navy Supply Corps School 
  • Naval War College 
  • NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Public Works Department Newport
  • Navy Operational Support Center Newport
  • Officer Training Command Newport (OTCN) 
  • Officer Candidate School (OCS) 
  • Naval Officer Development School (ODS)
  • Nonappropriated Funds (NAF) positions
    • Navy Exchange Service (NEX)
    • Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) 
  • *National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 

These civil service jobs provide support services for U.S. Naval operations, training programs, military personnel and their families. Civilian job opportunities exist across a broad spectrum of skills and duties, both professional and skilled trade crafts. Qualified U.S. citizens are encouraged to apply for these positions.  



Naval Station Newport is home to over 50 Department of Defense (DoD) and federal organizations and units from the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Naval Station Newport is home base to a number of Naval training and professional education schools.  Also located at Naval Station Newport is the Naval Undersea Warfare Center at Newport. 

There are approximately 5,800 military and federal civilian personnel working at Naval Station Newport.  Each year, over 17,000 military and federal civilian students attend schools at Naval Station Newport. Foremost among the many schools at Naval Station Newport are: Naval War CollegeNavy Supply Corps School, Marine Corps Aviation Logistics School, Naval Officers Candidate SchoolSurface Warfare Officers School, and the Naval Justice School


Categories of civilian jobs now hiring at NS Newport and at other Department of Defense installations:  
We have compiled a master list of the major categories of civilian jobs at military bases and at Department of Defense installations. This list includes the federal occupational groups and the specific series codes within each group. 

Categories of Civilian Jobs

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