Civil Service Employment - Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina

Marine Corps Air Station - Beaufort


Civil Service Jobs & Employment - Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Beaufort, South Carolina .  There are many reoccurring employment opportunities with the federal civil service at  MCAS Beaufort. These civil service jobs provide support for Department of Defense (DoD) operations, training programs, and military personnel. 

Applications from the public are being accepted. 

Civilian job opportunities exist across a broad spectrum of skills and duties. Qualified U.S. citizens are encouraged to apply for these positions. 


  • You can use the website to search for current Federal Civil Service job openings at military bases and Department of Defense agencies across the United States. 
 USAJobs Website 


  • This is an essential guidebook for correctly navigating the federal hiring process and getting selected. 

 Guidebook: How to Get a Civil Service Job at a Military Base

New civilian employment opportunities exist (or are anticipated to be announced in the near future) at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort with the following organizations: 

  • Nonappropriated Funds (NAF) positions
    • Navy Exchange Service (NEX) 
    • Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) 
  • Naval medical facilities (Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort) 
  • Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
  • Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) 
  • Marine Aircraft Group 31 (MAG-31) 
    • Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 31 (MALS-31) 
    • Marine Wing Support Squadron 273 (MWSS-273)
    • Marine Air Control Squadron 2 (MACS-2)  
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 533 (VMFA-533)  
    • Strike Fighter Squadron 115 (VFA-115)  
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 224 (VMFA-224)  
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 (VMFA-122)  
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 251 (VMFA-251)
    • Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312 (VMFA-312)   
    • Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501